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Elevating portfolio and risk monitoring for institutional digital asset managers

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Integrated with premier trading and data platforms.

Meet Sylvanus

We put institutional-grade portfolio and risk management front and center.

Mitigate portfolio losses
Enhance returns
Reduce operational costs
Reduce time to market

At the forefront of risk management innovation

Sylvanus empowers institutional investors with unparalleled insights into dynamic digital asset investing.

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Proprietary Risk Analytics

Customizable, comprehensive portfolio risk management system and tools

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Advanced Portfolio Management

Transparent dashboard with user-defined, alerts-based interface

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Progressive Data Connectivity

Centralization across exchanges, custodians, fund administrators, banks, and other service providers

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Custom Trading Hub

Real-time market data and order flows with top crypto exchanges

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Sophisticated Resource Library

Research to further enhance your portfolio, integrating market data and unique insights

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Tailored Investor Portal

Fund administration data and statements for your investors

Integrated solutions for digital asset managers

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Portfolio Managers

Focus on alpha generation with our advanced risk assessment tools and analytics for real-time portfolio monitoring and data-driven decision-making.

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Digital Asset Funds

Scale fund operations efficiently and optimize risk-adjusted returns as assets under management grow.

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Institutional Investors

Simplify portfolio management with reliable market insights and real-time risk monitoring.

Access our cutting-edge platform with its robust risk models and stress testing tools.

Make confident portfolio management decisions in a market that demands precision.

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What we stand for

Sylvanus is a global team of quantitative researchers and software engineers devoted to helping the world's most sophisticated asset managers invest in digital assets by providing them with their actionable insights they need to trade with conviction.

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Protecting your assets

Silvanus (meaning "of the woods" in Latin) was a Roman tutelary deity of woods and uncultivated lands. As protector of the forest, he presided over plantations and delighted in growing trees. He is also described as watching over and protecting the boundaries of fields.

Like the Roman deity protected his domain, our tech platform is designed to monitor and protect digital asset portfolios for institutional asset managers.

Born out of institutional digital asset manager, Samara Alpha Management’s, portfolio and risk monitoring needs, Sylvanus is thematically related to the samara seed and its symbol of perseverance and growth.

What they say about us

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“A truly great crypto app”

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John Carter
New York, NY
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“The best tool for my team”

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Lilly Woods
San Francisco, CA
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“The best crypto app”

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Sophie Moore
London, UK
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“The only tool I need”

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Matt Cannon
New York, NY